Revolutionary Security Matrix

Revolutionary Security Matrix

Three-dimensions Security Matrix

Simplifying permissions auditing and management is our day-to-day goal. What more efficient than a security matrix to visualize and manipulate explicit and inherited rights? Because we’re convinced that permissions management must be simple and intuitive, we offer a disruptive three-dimensions matrix interface that gives a complete overview of users, resources and permissions.

Our Security Matrix embedded in 365View is an innovative concept that we patented at the US copyright. Indeed it is the simplest way to control permissions of all your Enterprise Applications through a single console.

Permissions Management Made Easy

Select any actor (user group, role, user, account…) from the left panel. Select any resource (file, folder, schema, table, report, sites, library or any Business Application resources type) from the right panel. Consequently the matrix will automatically display the permissions at the intersection (mandatory access, role-based access, discretionary access, advanced rights, rule-based access, NTFS permissions, privileges, capabilities, etc.). Therefore you can easily identify and monitor explicit rights, inherited rights from ascendants, and combined rights.

365View gives you the ability to define permissions at any granularity for thousands of actors over millions of resources!

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Audit and Manage User Permissions