Implementing a solid business-driven security

Implementing a solid business-driven security

There are many challenges businesses encounter in the present day competitive and rapidly changing corporate environments. Organizations must continue to innovate to maintain a competitive advantage, while securing their IT infrastructure against a multitude of new security threats that surface on a daily basis.

The current strategy employed by most companies is to expand on their current enterprise security to protect their infrastructure based on the tools available to them. This results in a security infrastructure that can be overly complex and fragmented, as well as problematic and expensive to maintain. The approach to security should be based on the needs of the organization, rather than depending on the technology that is available to them. 365View will help implement a business-driven security strategy within your organization.

6 Tips For Managing User Permissions

April 13, 2017 – 11AM EST – 30 minutes

– Why a matrix-based interface is the easiest way to audit and grant permissions
– How to manage user permissions across different platforms
– What are the benefits from using workflows to automate request/approval tasks


Permissions Management: Complexity is no longer the norm

May 18, 2017 – 11AM EST – 30 minutes


Why permissions must be granted by the data owners

March 16, 2017 – 11AM EST – 30 minutes

– Use workflows to automate permissions request and approval tasks.
– Delegate approval tasks to the data owners.
– Reduce IT workloads, avoid delays and improve user satisfaction.


Monitor IT-wide user permissions across different platforms

February 16, 2017 – 11AM EST – 30 minutes

– Connect all Enterprise Applications through one user-friendly solution.
– Centralize permissions’ auditing and granting.
– Enable cross-platform security monitoring.


Manage and audit user permissions with 365View

 January 19, 2017 – 11AM EST – 30 minutes

– Visualize actors, resources and permissions in a matrix-based interface.
– Define security zones for audit purposes.
– Easily manage permissions and monitor the changes over implicit permissions.


Delegation Workflows

It is now possible to splDelegating administration SOD and Securityit the administration in between different business user profiles. Two interesting aspects will improve the way you are currently maintaining your systems: Enforce your SOD (Segregation of Duties) strategy by splitting the users that require changes and those who are applying changes. On top of that, the ability to drive your administration by Business Users and not only your I.T department, delegating it to the ones who are concerned and responsible for.

First of all, the Administrators

The administrators can use 365View to manage, organize and administrate all of its business applications from one centralized console, live. They will then be able to create usergroups, user accounts, organize applications contents and settings, and define the security and access rights.

Secondly the Business Users: The Requester & Validator

The Requester will use 365View only to request administration tasks. Their actions will be logged with limited privileges and won’t be able to apply any changes by  himself. Keeping your enterprise applications safe of any unwanted modifications. The Requester may be forced to comment and explain all its requested actions giving a proper reason for changes.

The Validator will use 365View to accept or reject all requested administration tasks by Requesters. In return, providing a comment to the Requester.

With this segregation of two profiles and the simplicity of 365View you will now be able to delegate the administration of your Enterprise Application Software to Power Users, Managers, HR and anyone that may be concerned by the administration.

Finally the Auditors

They will be able to use 365View in Read-Only mode. Even though they want to be able to access and control any metadatas inside your business application, they will not be able to execute any actions. Your auditors are free to use all auditing and traceability features.

Remember that no matter who is using 365View, each action and changes in the application administration and security will be effectively logged.

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